What a mess am I?

I feel a mess…but more than that…I feel M.S.  In fact, it has become me in every way.  Thats what M.S. feels like: messy. But why waste your time reading about my personal indulgences?

Well, I cant help thinking this MS stuff gives us folk a different spin on life: sometimes humorous; sometimes self-possessed, but invariably at odds with the world.  I have this urge to make sense of this MS mess.  So perhaps we could explore it together…just you and me?  Not for the purpose of indulgence but in order to see the world through a different lens: a lens prescribed by an illness which forces you to replace ‘doing’ with ‘being’.

Tragic, right?  Well, if your only measure of existence is your facebook timeline or twittering globe-trotting then yes it is.  But as I learn to live with this mess, my voyage of ‘being’ has become evermore fascinating and full of surprises: as I learn about myself, past, present and future.


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