Could It Be Magic… Or Am I Losing It?

musical-scoreRamblings of a ‘stay at home’ dad, seeking redemption in a world of nonsensical muzak. Could it be Magic? Or have I simply spent too much time indulging my own company? Is it possible that, in my wheelchair-bound retirement, I have discovered somewhat belatedly, the wonders of Take That?

I left the kitchen, wheeling my chair in great haste. The reason for my rapid departure was not the usual – a powerful laxative which usually accompanies my breakfast. This time it was the cacaphonic cack of the newly discovered ‘music videos’ of the 1990s blaring out from the breakfast television. Who had decided that these were worth reviving? But as I passed into the hallway my flight was arrested on hearing one particular tune. I was struck by its musicality. It seems as though I was appreciating ‘Take That’. Am I losing it? Has my illness started to erode my judgement? In the kitchen, my wife heard me exclaiming the brilliance of the piece. This only served to confirm in her mind that ‘my lift was no longer going up to the top.’

It’s a masterpiece! Who wrote it? With questions of such weightiness, you always have to resort to Google. I quickly discover that the piece of music was originally written by Barry Manilow. Now I really know that I have ‘lost a few lights from my chandelier’. But hang on. On further reading from the authority of Wikipedia, it seems that the song is derived from a piece by Chopin. The piece in question is Frédéric Chopin’s – Prelude in C Minor (op. 28, no. 20).

Would you believe it. My sanity had been proven intact. Then of course, I had to resort to the wonders of YouTube. In an instant, I was able to establish the genealogy of the Take That song. In one tab of my browser I could view the ‘puppy love’ version; then the ‘Liberace’ soft glow version; and finally the real thing, Frederick Chopin himself. Could you believe that the Funeral March provided the melody for Could It Be Magic.
Of course, I’m sure Frederick Chopin would have something to say about the advertisement that overlays his YouTube video. After all, I wasn’t thinking about cooking a seasoned steak from The Cooperative at that point in time. But great music transcends this. I’m not a musical snob. Quite the reverse. I now feel euphoric that great things persist in this world of confusion.

YouTube Versions of ‘Could It Be Magic’

Take That’s Version (1992)

Donna Summer’s version (1976) – This is the rather raunchy version that I remember from the school disco.

Barry Manilow’s Version (1971)

Frederick Chopin’s Version (“Chord Prelude” ) written a long time ago!

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