We need equity – not equality

This article questions whether our attempts to promote an inclusive ‘social’ model of disability has obscured the very real physical needs of disabled users expressed in the alternative ‘medical’ model. Looking in particular at the furore surrounding the word ‘handicapped’ it asks whether there are greater battles to be won. What’s in a picture? Or […]

Feeling branded

This article is a reflection on branding, looking at how brand association for one disabled user has transformed disability aids into vehicles of escapism! I look around my room. It’s my bedroom but it’s also an Aladdin’s cave of mobility aids. I have my lightweight wheelchair, a medical bed, a power chair, a hoist, and a […]

Curb Your Enthusiasm

How did disabled people manage before the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)? Twenty years on since its introduction, the author reflects on the pioneering efforts of disabled people in the 1970s, struggling with unproven technologies and inept planning laws. In particular, the author considers how his mother as an MS sufferer struggled to become independent and freed […]

Dear Mr Cameron

Dear Mr Cameron First of all, congratulations. I always hate to be accused of being a bad loser. I didn’t vote for you and I never have but given the circumstances, I guess if you can’t beat them you’ve got to join them. After all, we’re all in this together. This is certainly true of […]