Conversing with the conversant

It’s been a while since we last talked. Or rather, it’s been some time since you last listened to me. I know it’s just you that is listening because I only have one follower.  I suppose I should be despondent.  But if you are the right follower then you are worth more than 5,000 or […]

A tribute to Alvin Toffler

Has a book ever changed your life? Has one single author given you a route map for navigating life? Serendipity placed in front of me at the age of sixteen a book that would astound me at the time and would go on to provide a breadcrumb trail which in my wiser moments (and perhaps […]

Could It Be Magic… Or Am I Losing It?

Ramblings of a ‘stay at home’ dad, seeking redemption in a world of nonsensical muzak. Could it be Magic? Or have I simply spent too much time indulging my own company? Is it possible that, in my wheelchair-bound retirement, I have discovered somewhat belatedly, the wonders of Take That? I left the kitchen, wheeling my […]

Standing Space Only

The office of the future will encourage more standing: both at the workplace and in meetings.  But somehow we’ve forgotten that future offices will need to harness the skills of ageing and disabled workers.  Is the energetic, novel and dynamic nature of modern offices at odds with an inclusive approach to office design and facilities […]