We need equity – not equality

This article questions whether our attempts to promote an inclusive ‘social’ model of disability has obscured the very real physical needs of disabled users expressed in the alternative ‘medical’ model. Looking in particular at the furore surrounding the word ‘handicapped’ it asks whether there are greater battles to be won. What’s in a picture? Or […]

Missing out on small talk

I never realised just how important furniture is. In fact, I never realised how the type of furniture, or indeed the absence of furniture, has such an intractable effect on the way we work. Yes, we all know about workstation design and the design of meeting rooms. But increasingly, our workplace is unbounded. Much of […]

A tribute to Alvin Toffler

Has a book ever changed your life? Has one single author given you a route map for navigating life? Serendipity placed in front of me at the age of sixteen a book that would astound me at the time and would go on to provide a breadcrumb trail which in my wiser moments (and perhaps […]

Standing Space Only

The office of the future will encourage more standing: both at the workplace and in meetings.  But somehow we’ve forgotten that future offices will need to harness the skills of ageing and disabled workers.  Is the energetic, novel and dynamic nature of modern offices at odds with an inclusive approach to office design and facilities […]