Legislation – who needs it?

The word ‘legislation’ has become a dirty word. It seems that it is the scourge of organisations and the impediment to entrepreneurship. Companies are busy doing it their own way, making an indelible stamp of uniqueness. We don’t need to be told how to do things- do we? The disabled community sees things quite differently. […]

What we wheelie wheelie want

This article examines the expectations of the public towards disabled users. It argues that the stereotype of the ‘paralympian’ as a typical disabled person may serve only to undermine efforts to create a more inclusive society. I look wistfully inside the new Bohemian cafe which has appeared along the high street. From my wheelchair viewpoint I […]

Teething Problems

It’s my annual visit to the dentist. Because of my mobility problems I have to go to the community dentist in Radcliffe (Radcliffe Primary Care Centre) which is a few miles from Prestwich. Travelling by car is no longer an option for me and an ambulance takes a lot of organising. Luckily, I have the […]

A tribute to Alvin Toffler

Has a book ever changed your life? Has one single author given you a route map for navigating life? Serendipity placed in front of me at the age of sixteen a book that would astound me at the time and would go on to provide a breadcrumb trail which in my wiser moments (and perhaps […]