What we wheelie wheelie want

This article examines the expectations of the public towards disabled users. It argues that the stereotype of the ‘paralympian’ as a typical disabled person may serve only to undermine efforts to create a more inclusive society. I look wistfully inside the new Bohemian cafe which has appeared along the high street. From my wheelchair viewpoint I […]

Teething Problems

It’s my annual visit to the dentist. Because of my mobility problems I have to go to the community dentist in Radcliffe (Radcliffe Primary Care Centre) which is a few miles from Prestwich. Travelling by car is no longer an option for me and an ambulance takes a lot of organising. Luckily, I have the […]

A tribute to Alvin Toffler

Has a book ever changed your life? Has one single author given you a route map for navigating life? Serendipity placed in front of me at the age of sixteen a book that would astound me at the time and would go on to provide a breadcrumb trail which in my wiser moments (and perhaps […]

Can you hear me?

Looking across the meeting table I see the facilities manager looking browbeaten. This is one of many project meetings for a new facility. Meetings with the designer; key stakeholders; planning authorities and the infrastructure team have started to overwhelm the FM’s diary. However, this meeting is just about ‘users’: people that will eventually inhabit the […]