A tribute to Alvin Toffler

Has a book ever changed your life? Has one single author given you a route map for navigating life? Serendipity placed in front of me at the age of sixteen a book that would astound me at the time and would go on to provide a breadcrumb trail which in my wiser moments (and perhaps […]

Can you hear me?

Looking across the meeting table I see the facilities manager looking browbeaten. This is one of many project meetings for a new facility. Meetings with the designer; key stakeholders; planning authorities and the infrastructure team have started to overwhelm the FM’s diary. However, this meeting is just about ‘users’: people that will eventually inhabit the […]

Who’s the disabled one?

I’m wheeling my way along the corridor against a crowd of conference attendees keen to get to the coffee. Many are impatient to check their emails and are already immersing themselves in a phone or tablet. There’s one coming my way and he’s not looking where he’s going. Surely he’s going to see my wheelchair? […]

Staggering achievement

One step at a time. Ascending the stairs to the University building I am quickly overtaken by ‘bright-eyed and bushy tailed’ students. I have to concentrate and stagger with every step, feeling a whirling sense of vertigo. My legs are not cooperating, my eyes are playing tricks, but the challenge is to look unflustered. In […]