Conversing with the conversant

It’s been a while since we last talked. Or rather, it’s been some time since you last listened to me. I know it’s just you that is listening because I only have one follower.  I suppose I should be despondent.  But if you are the right follower then you are worth more than 5,000 or […]

Playing The Odds

Remember if you will, the scene from the Deer Hunter in which three fellow prisoners are forced to play Russian roulette.  Stephen loses his bottle and is forced by the guards into a rat infested underwater cage.  He doesn’t make it out of the cage alive.  The two remaining prisoners, Nick and Mike are allowed […]

Seeking Refuge

Yesterday I put my name down for the creative writing workshop.  Isn’t that the sort of thing you do when you retire: try and make up for those years spent suppressing creative thoughts?  The opportunity has come early for me: in fact, seventeen years earlier than planned – I still feel as if I should […]

Tetris Invades Me

Everyone around me seems to be playing Candy Crush: even politicians in working hours.  I’ve never played it myself and have always been averse to mobile gaming.  Perhaps more than that, I’ve been resentful of people cutting themselves off in a virtual world in spaces that we supposedly share.  Headphones do the same for me. […]